Shows quality of time


Architect Sanjay B. Mahashabde designed a unique watch and clock, and he’s named his invention “Auspi Watch”. The extraordinary feature of this watch is that it displays the almanac or the planetary mapping depending on the position of the sun and the moon. Mr. Mahashabde states, “The watches and the clocks we use, do not show us the quality of time.”
The name Auspi Watch is a combination of two words “auspicious” and “time”. He added that the Hindu community believes in the positioning of the sun. He explains, “They undertake any work depending on the position of the sun while the Muslim communities go by the positioning of the moon.”
He said that his watches will help people know how good or bad their time is.
Explaining how user-friendly the watch is, he said, “The user need not go into the technicality of how the watch is prepared. This is not just a watch. It has a map which shows the movement of the planet for 24 hours. This will give the user vital information on the various astrological aspects of that particular day and of every hour.”
The watch also displays the direction that one should not travel in on that particular day. The Auspi Watch also displays the colour code for the user for that particular day. For instance, it displays the colour code of white and sky blue for Mondays.
The white and yellow colour on the top of the Auspi Watch dial shows the satvik and rajsik nature of the ruling planet which indicates what work can be undertaken at what time.
“The planets and their significant positions play a pivotal role in human life and this has been proven by the science of astrology and the muhurta shastra,” he said.
According to Mr. Mahashabde in the ancient time, people had the knowledge of the same, but at present, due to the hectic schedule and also due to non-availability of the teachings, it is not possible to refer to the best or auspicious time (muhurta) for a particular nature of work to be undertaken.
The product, he says, has been designed for the masses and it indicates the three important yogs described in the Panchang which tell the positive and negative aspects regarding the combination of the nakshatra, tithi and the var (day).
“The product will also display the shatru-bhav of the planets for 24 hours. After carrying out intense research, I was able to design a watch that gives a full-fledged Panchang along with the timepiece to make our lives easier and harmonious,” said Mr. Mahashabde.