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Space, Time and Architecture


This is a preliminary information about our experiment of a revolutionary clock, which seeks to know the Time science. The quantitative part of Time useful for every person in daily life and various Time-measuring systems like Solar and Lunar. This is an attempt to know by placing this lie fore the students, the comparative relationship between the Time-science and architecture.

In his book ‘A brief History of Time’ world famous scientist Stphen Hoking observes, “Space and Time no only affect each other but also are affected by everything that happens in the universe. Just as one cannot talk about events in the universe, without the motions of space and time outside The limits of universe …” (P/36) Scientific enquiry emerges out the five-fold activity of curiosity, experiment, observation, reasoning and prediction.

Concerning speed, Apace alone is not enough, Time is also essential for knowing any event, a proper knowledge of Time and Space is most essential of place, direction and time is to be determined on the earth, only stars and planets are (considered useful) utilized.

Human beings could establish a different identity as “human” because of the system of measuring Time. The cycle of reasons could be understood from the movements of the Sun and the Moon, moving against the background stars (ZjÌ). We could evolve and develop the technique of farming (agriculture) by studying the arithmetic’s of the seasons: Calculating when the rainy season commences, how much period is required for the plants to grow flowers and fruits etc. The progress that we see around today has been the outcome of this. In the same way architecture has passed through the acid test of time and man’s intellectual equiry and observation, and has today soundly established itself in the society all over the world. In the study of Architectine, the concept of time is most important and basic. This is a survey in the light of the same.
‘Kal’ (Time) is a name derived from the verb ‘Kal’/KI/ which means to count inspire, push, throw , go etc. It’s a very comprehensive term inclusive of all these.
Charak Sanhita, the main text of Ayurveda (1-25-24) states that time has created Man, Time determines his diseases. The whole world depends on Time; and time is the cause of every effect; and also a remedy.
Nasadeeya Sukta in the Rigved says that in the beginning, even the sky did not exist. Nothing else did exist. Before this universe began, there existed just a void Time existed in this void, may be Time is ever present in the void, says the Rishies-

g Ed g§. ^wdZm{Z A_aV g Ed g§ ^wdZm{Z n`ªV Ÿ&
{nVm gÝZ^dV nwÌ Efm§ Vñ_mV d¡ Ý`V na_pñV VoO: Ÿ&&4Ÿ&&

He filled the three world, He permeates sentiments on all sides. He who was there father (creator) (n[a + EoV) after became the son. Therefore there is no other eternal brilliance.
That eternal Time has reared the three worlds and surrounded them. It means all world are temporal (H$mbmYrZ). Keeping them alive or make them extract is within Time. Since these worlds are created by time the time itself was determined by these worlds. The Earth and the Sun together was a world. Since it was formed by Time, Time becomes it’s creator. However now that, since day, night, season, month, tropical circle (A`Z) determine time, it has in a way been their son. Naturally there is none other extreme brightness than Time.

H$mb: A_§ {Xd§ AOZ`V H$mb B_m: n¥{Wdrê$V Ÿ&
H$mbo h ^yV§ ^ì` M B{fV§ h {d {Vð>Vo Ÿ&&5Ÿ&&

The earth and everything besides are created by Time. Past means whatever has had happened the past and the future are incorporated in Time showed in Time. Especially they are embedded in Time. The past, present and future are because of Time where else could they be without Time?

H$mbmo ^yqV Ag¥OV H$mbo Vn{V gy`©: Ÿ&
H$mbmo h {dídm ^yVm{Z H$mbo Mjw: {dníM{V Ÿ&&6Ÿ&&
means whatever is created, which has all been born of Time. The Sun burns in Time. All Universe beings and exist in Time. The eyes look in a particular way in Time.

H$mbo Z: H$mbo ^yVm{Z àmU: H$mbo Zm g_m{hV_ Ÿ&
H$mboZ gdm© ZÝXpÝV AmJVoZ àOm B_m: Ÿ&&7Ÿ&&

Mind, Life-breath, and name are nearly adjusted. All these subjects behave as per the coming Time. Since Mind, Life-breath etc are properly adjusted in Time all of them function following Time. Our mind imagines according to the Time and designs appropriate job, Life-breath too functions as per the Time. Life-breath is set according to Time. Fame is attend if Time favours. The person is renowned. Otherwise however one may try fame often eludes. Some have renown even after death. That too is within Time. It means this is the policy of Time and the name that prevails remains only in Time. If there were no Time, there would be no fame.
All subjects especially all created things dwell as per the Time and the coming Time. Hence Reptiles like Dinosaur about 50’ to 100’ feet long existed on the earth long ago. But their short version of about 5” to 6” inches in length exist today. The elephants in the past existed in the oceans as water creatives. But now in course Time exist on earth with form duly changed. The whales that dwelt on the soil in the past. In the long past savages lived happily in the past. Today civilized people live in equal happiness. All this is due to Time.

H$mbo Vn: H$mbo Á`oð>§ H$mbo ~«÷ g_m{hV_ Ÿ&
H$mbmo h gd©ñ` B©ída: `: {nVm AmgrV àOmnVo : Ÿ&&8Ÿ&&

Time is inclusive of (Vn) penance that is hard work, seniority and greatness. The whole Universe is within Time. Time is the creator of all even of Prajapati. God means One who exercises authority, One that exercises authority on everything that exist and also that doesn’t exist that Ommipotent is Time. Even (~«÷) is within this Time. Time is the creator of Prajapati, who is the himself is the father of living beings.

VoZ B{fV§ VoZ OmV§ VXw Vpñ_Z à{V{ð>V_² ŸŸ&
H$mbmo h ~«÷ ^yËdm {d^{V© na_o{ð>Z_² Ÿ&&9Ÿ&&

Whatever is inspired by Time, and born of Time all dwells in Time. Indeed Time becomes the ~«÷ Creative Power incorporates the highest being rears heir and protects him.
Whatever you think of is created and inspired by Time. Time itself dwells in the form of
~«÷Z. The ultimate being It would be appropriate to say that Time has become ~«÷Z. The Ultimate being because the Bramhan manifests itself and assumes to be Bramhan and this holds true. Bramhan means whatever is spread. Thus it must have been very little before it got spread. When it was little, Time did exist. Therefore it would be proper to say that Time has become Bramhan –The highest God in Bramhan is Bramhan itself.hence Time becomes the Highest Being Paramesthni means Shiv, Vishnu , Brahman and Agni (Fire) together. They are all deities whose substance and protection is done by Time

H$mb: àOm Ag¥OV H$mbmo AJ«o àOmn{V_² Ÿ&
ñd`§^y: H$í`n: H$mbV² Vn: H$mbmV AOm`V Ÿ&&10Ÿ&&

In the begning Time created Prajapati and Living Beings, Kashyap, who is admittedly self born is also created by Time. Penance means all efforts- hard work or heat which is created by Time.
When passion arose in the mind of the Highest being this universe was born. Passion means gravitation, the measuring of Time command when this passion was born, later on because of the gravitational force, countries came to be formed. From this passion emerged Time and Direction
{XH$ means the location of place relative to gravition.
If the universe is supposed to be Mahavishnu the Prime Creator and this passion is born there in to form a pair which means Rudra (i.e. Time) the center point of that Passion i.e. the naval and Brahma (The primal creator of the universe

AñdV§Ìm: àmYmdpÝV nXmWm©: gd© Ed `X Ÿ&
~«åhm§S>o nm{W©dmo ^mJñVX§Y© CÜd©_§Vam Ÿ&&10Ÿ&&
{dnr{bH$m§Zm§ _hVm§ ì`moåZr dVw©bH$moï>Ho$ Ÿ&
Xe{YŠH$_Y: nmXm: n¥ð>_yÜd©_wXmh V_² Ÿ&& && -3.30 Ÿ&& &&

This verse is taken from the `moJdm{gð> ‘Yogawashisth’ a voluminous work with 32000 verses. It states that because of this passion, all objects in the universe are attracted to the gravitational center and solar systems etc. one formed.
The beginning of measuring Time commenced with perversion (i.e.
{dH¥$Vr) (H${b`yJ) Hence
_hm{dîUmo© amk`m àdV©_mZñ` AÚ ~«h_U: {ÛVr`namY} ídoVdmamh H$ëno d¡dñdV_Ýd§Vao Aï>m{de{VV_o H${b`wJo i.e. Since then after the passage of half of the period i.e. in the declining age of the Lord Brahma, and in course of the 28th rotation of the solar system during Kalyug (the age of Kali H$m{b i.e. perversion) the such is the manner of mentioning Time.

The highest measure of Time is H$ën a time period so vast that one may at best only imagine its bigness. Ordinary practical measure for time is Year. The smaller measure of Time is
{Z{_f - a winking of an eye as devised by H$í`n Kashypa. The term _mÌm evolved by ^¥Jw, means time required for articulating a vowel sound ÌwQ>r (hortcoming) is the time require for producing a noise by pressing the first finger and the thumb (i.e. MwQ>H$s), the truti ÌwQ>r as evolved by ^mñH$amMm`© thirty fourth thousand part of a second. In this way The Time measuring formula as evolved by these three time measuring tables are available in ({eëng§hrVm).
Today science states that a particular object viz the earth was born sue motto. Similarly former experts say Kashyap was form on his own. When we say that he is born by self or on its own, such objects are born in the womb of Time.

Indian philosophy believes that Time is the form of god, is believed to control and manage the whole universe. All happenings in nature and all human affairs are in accordance with Time. Past, Present and Future are the three phases of Time. Birth life and death are common to all of the many mysteries about the earth , the mystery about Time is the deepest . The philosophers & scientists have not able to achieve enough success in revealing this mystery. Time is not concrete and yet it permeates all through the living and nonliving. One can’t think of an object which is Timeless. It through the sun that we may have a manifestation of Time. Day, month, season, tropical circle, year are the measure for measuring time they depend on Nature’s miracles in the sky.
Mention the word ‘miracle’ and the modern mind is taken aback. There appears something of the spiritual forces at work, But the miracle in the solar system should not smack of the superstitions belief. The miracles in the solar system are scientific in nature Then mystery can be explained with the help of laws of science.

If you look at the sky on a clear night we find countless twinkling stars. As the sun rises in the east these stars begin to fade and disappear and reappear when the sun sets. As a result of observation over years it is known that these stars are not formed afresh everyday. The sun that sets everyday is also the same. In the same way the Moon that wanes and in phase acquires new form everyday is the same moon.
Among thousands of stars there are five stars, who like the Moon, more closer to certain constellations and then move at different speed. They are called planets. In Greek language planet means wanderers. The term ‘graha’
J«h sanskrit has deeper meaning .
The regular changes on the earth and the cycle of season are related to the rotation of the planets. The constant observation and the experience there of have brought a certain form to the science. At night time the plants are more vigorous and this particular night the moon is in a particular zodiac sign
ZjÌ. It is from such observation that plants are classified.
In ancient times, man used mountain peaks and sticks for the observation of these planets, stars, the Sun and the Moon. For this purpose in India, were erected temples to the Sun, Nine planets and Jantar Mantar i.e. Pyramids in Egypt observatories. In recent times, the movements of the sun, Moon and the planets and their position in the space are observed through the observatories erected all over the world. The stars zodiac signs and influence of the planet are observed on the living world and this has been proved on the basis of research in different sciences.
The science of architecture has been developed after careful study of the direction i.e. the magnetic field. The ancient books on Architecture provide many proofs in support of this, to think in terms of Architecture is to think with reference to direction
({XH$) and Time (H$mb)
In the study of the concept of Time it is essential to consider the speed of planets and Time measurement. Most of the Time measuring systems in the world today, depend on the movement in the space, of the Sun and the Moon. The cycle of seasons is totally dependent on the Sun and the main stay of all the religions is the Moon. The Hindu religious belief is that The Sun influences the outer life i.e. the body of Man and the mental activity is influenced by the Moon.
The Moon has no place in the exclusive solar Time measurement system and in the exclusive lunar Time Measurement system, the sun is thrown to winds. The Time Measurement system can be divided in two ways, viz Lunar Time Measurement for religious purposes and the socially practically useful Solar Time Measurement. Time is generally divided on the basis of social and religious convenience on the following basis. In making the socially useful definition of Time Measurement, the concepts of Time Zone/Time Line/International Day Time, are vital. This has proved vary useful to determine Time in the context of the human activity all over the world.
The qualitative aspect of Time is equally essential. In the astrology, this thought has been deeply studied over thousands of years. If the prediction is to be correct, the time of birth needs to be exact. But this is very difficult. In ancient times when time was measured in nio,
K{Q>H$m, K{Q>H$mnmÌ a vessel to measure Time was not available for the common man. In those days, the Ghati Yantra (i.e. the vessel for measuring Time) would start functioning at the time of the local sunrising; and the recitation of the rigveda would begin. The time measurement in Indian astrology is related to the changes in nature and human activities.

Now a days the scientists and researchers in architecture have concentrated on the study of the effect of the magnetic field, on the electromagnetic field of an individual and the architecture. The reason is that machines that could help the study of energy sector are developed and being developed.
The earth has her own magnetic field. The same holds true about on individual, structure or Aakarmaana there are hourly changes in this electromagnetic field. The 24 hour rotation of the earth round the sun, the 25 hour lunar rotation, the journey of the moon in 27.5 to 29 days through the zodiac circle, the lunar month, date could all those be turned as ' time effects ' since because of these, there are changes in electromagnetic field? and if this is true, then to understand this ' time effects ' the clocks (watches) showing solar, lunar motion and relative effect will definitely be of great practical help.

gm_wX JpÊV¨ M¡d Á`mo{Vf§ N>§X EdM Ÿ&
{eam kmZ§ VWm {eën§ _§Ì H$_© {d{YñVWm Ÿ&&
EV²-Ý`§½`mZr OmZr`mX dmñVwemóñ` ~w{Õ_mZ Ÿ&&

astrology is most essential among the subjects listed while making
a defination of architecture hence, in my opinion. The concept of astrology as concerned by the ancient scholars, means the science of time knowledge.
Astrology / time sense, if not of any use in daily life, it’s science is then of no value. Like other sciences architecture is also a means to enrich human life.
For the creation / errection of any structure / edifice and utilizing it, and to determine it's location on the earth, direction and time planets and stars are the only factors that count. A job done when the time is favourable, is done with minimum labour. When a ship is drawn out of the harbour and enters the harbour, we take the sense of the high and low tide, “time sense” and nature are insperable (identical) If nature is hostile, more efforts are needed and even a minor mistake may prove dear.
Time sense science is useful in the life of every human being . Date, day zodiac sign, sky observation enable even the illiterate rural people to make a rough forecast about the weather and rains.
Astrology many times appears gross and rough because therein the stress is on what is simple and easy. But time sense is a science that can be used from house to and village pocket to bag of medicines, this science is useful for minute direction for an individual or family or in the working of an institution or for social purposes.
There is a challange before those who are involved in the study of ' time sense to make it socially useful, because science which is a boon for the present day and some scientific aspects have proved a bane to the time sense, modernization, standardization in science , are the factor that have been responsible to make the ancient time science , a sacrificial goat. Sadfort Fleming a railway engineer, first brought in use the concept of standard time, prior to 17th November 1883 clock in every town all over the world was working on the basis of the local time of the sun rise. There was a difference of 30 minutes in every two town situated at a distance of 600 k.m from each other. Because of this it was difficult to prepare and implant the time table of the steam engine railway.
Fleming divided the whole world in 24 equal parts. Every part was 15o latitude wide. Clocks were set presuming the same standard time common to all the places in that zone and later on when the time zone changes, the passengers were given due notice and their watches were set either forward or backword , as revised. This is the practical frame of time.
Today the common man knows time from his watch and all the watches in the world are governed by a single standard time for practical purposes. The place relative time which is most essential for measuring qualitative time, is totally ignored today the watches are used mostly for catching the railway train on time.
The railway clocks / watches began observing standard time with effect from 17th Nov. 1883. Before that all watches were related to the measuring machines and time actual time. (Local sunrise time of respective city)
Measurement, there use to be a difference from city to city and that was very proper.

The grandfather of modern physics, “Albert Einstine” while state his Space-Time Relativity theory observes “There is no true (real) time in existence in nature. Times are equal to the relative frames. None is greater or lesser – primary or secondary, objective or real time doesn’t exist. Relative time is the reality. Not only from the point of view of meaning or purport but even in point of style, the formula of space and time in Einstein’s 1905 research paper is an example of man’s intellectual evolution. It is an invaluable prized possession.
The theory of Relativity has disproved the concept not only of real – time but also of real space, the immovable god; responsible for the spread of light, thus become unreal and meaningless. Stable and unchangeable references based on objective Time and objective Space gave way to eternally real reference frames. The relativity theory which asks to give up the crutches of unreal concepts for analyzing the happenings in nature is the natural manifestation of reality. When asked if we follow those systems / methods which one followed as a tradition or custom or those which have the approval of the wise men and the scientists, any body would answer that those systems that are convenient and scientific (whether new or old or even ancient) should be followed. But our practice doesn’t point in that direction.
At present there is a rapid spread of education. At the same time it becomes the duty of an educated person to know the importance of our ancient sciences and to what extent they are useful to own life. There is no doubt that the progress made by science during this century and particularly during the lust decade, is spectacular. At the same time we should take what is good of it and study that which is useful in ours. It is essential to make progress in that.
Among the ancient Indian Sciences, H$mb{dkmZemó Time Science, within Astrology is a very deep subject. The tradition of calendar in India has been very ancient. The calendar is the means of measuring Time – we find fine examples of Time-measurement in Ramayan, Mahabharat and the Vedas.

Counting of year the tropical region, cycle of seasons month counting day, Ghati i.e. a period of the minutes, Pal (a moment) its fraction and a further fraction there of, there are all the measures of time measurement based on the rotation of the Sun.

It is surprising to note that the term {dnb means {Z{_f is used to denote the fraction of moment need for the fluttering of the eyelid of a healthy person. This method of time measurement which takes the healthy man as the focal point of human life is explained in details in part III , Chapter II of Shrimat Bhagwat. This method in use for the last thousands of year, has been ignored today because no watch indicating K{Q>H$m/ni/{dni/{Z{_f/ _whÿV©/àha has been manufactured by anybody so far. However today we have manufactured a clock showing K{Q>H$m, ni, {d\$i etc. from which we can easily understand the above time-measurement system. This clock may prove very useful, not only from the point of view of architecture but even in pharmacists industry, medicinal therapies, study of classical music and music & yoga therapies.

1 AhmoamÌ=8 àha=24 Vmg
1 Ah=1amÌ=4 àha=12 Vmg
6 Zm{S>H$m=1 àha=3 Vmg
2 Zm{S>H$m=1 _whÿV©=1 Vmg-60 {_{ZQ>o
15 H$mð>m-1 cKw=2 {_{ZQ>o/120 goH§$X
5 jU=1 H$mð>m-8 goH§$X
3 {Z_of=1 jU=1.6 goH§$X
3 doK =1 jU=1.6 goH§$X
3 cd = 1 {Z_of=0.53 goH§$X
100 ÌwQ>r=1 doY=0.056 goH§$X
3 ÌgaoUw=1 Ìw{Q>=0.00056 goH§$X
3 AUw=1 ÌgaoUw=0.00019 goH§$X
2 na_mUw=1 AUw=0.000063 goH§$X
1 na_mUw= =0.000032 goH§$X

Shrimat Bhagwat dates back of to 1652 B.C. it’s interesting to know as to why the Indian’s discovered 1/10,0000 th fraction of a second. They either had achieved the super speed or they must have been observing the micro-movements like that of cell division. No other cause is apparent. Verse 52 of Vibhuti Paad in Patanjali Yogdarsha narrates.
jU VËH$a_`mo: g§`_mV² {ddoH$O§² kmZ_² Ÿ&
The moment (jU) and its order when created patience, shall bring you {ddoH$O²§
knowledge the commentary by shri Vyas on this formula is

`Wm AnH$f©n`ªV Ðì`§ na_mUw: Ed_² Ÿ&
na_ AnH$f©n`©ÝV: H$mb: jU Ÿ&&

If we go on dividing any object till its end, we get a na_mUw, in the same way the last portion of time. So divided, is jU - moment Vyas has termed the last portion is time of Bhagwat as a moment jU he further comments

`mdVm g_`oZ M{bV: na_mUw: nyd©Xoe OømV CÎmaXoe§ g H$mb: jU Ÿ&
Just as the mobile atom leaves its first position and moves on to the other, the time taken for such change of place may be regarded moment. For this statement it appears that the ancient sages had the knowledge of atoms of certain matter. Not only this they also knew that they were mobile i.e. move from one place to another, they had tried to measure the mobility of the atoms by noting but their movements. On the basis of their speed they determined this minute measure for time measurement, it is felt from the above that, they proved by using the same term ‘atom ‘ for the minute of the matter and the place (space) and also of the time, that the minutest or end point of place and time is the same.

Science states the most modern theory of Space-Time-Continuum it may be described as Time-Space Unity, will it not be proper to say that the origin of this theory lies in the ancient Indian Science ?
At present there exist so much of ignorance that most people believe that Alminac (n§Mm§J) as a sack packed with more numbers. Too much of familiarity with a certain thing, may breed ignorance about it. The Alminac (n§Mm§J) in our country is ancient that it has become too much familiar and today, it has been neglected by the educated people.

People of the world belonging to different religions; celebrate their religious ceremonies and festivals according to their calendar (Solar/Lunar/Luni-Solar) as the case may be whether this time science subject is relative to an individual, space, religion or aim? While attempting this, it would be a revolutionary step if the clocks that are used are set to time as per the Solar / Lunar speed, local timing of sunrise and moonrise and if the information of the Alminac (n§Mm§J) could be made available in the clock it self . Efforts are on to bring the calendar and the clock, together. Such clocks/watches “Auspiwatches” would be useful for all people in the world, who follow different systems Solar or Lunar system. For the western countries we have manufactured watches as the prevalent Solar system and for the Arabian countries the Lunar System. It is be lived that people of all nations and religions, all the world over working in different walks of life shall find these “Auspiwatches” very very useful.
It's a challenge to manufacture such a watch for those who believe in Indian system luni-solar because we believe in both the human and solar systems, it is difficult to design such a watch but then efforts are being made.
The Indian government adopted the solar system in 1950, It is different from the present Gregorian Calendar system and it is totally Indian Calendar, still it could be fully accepted by the Indians.
This aspect needs to be studied further.At present the Gregorian system is followed all over the world , though there are short comings, still the govt. of India have ignored the recommendations the meghnad saha commission, fearing the possible reaction of the whole world.
The govt. adopted this calendar and for an govt. activities / function and in common on solar chaitra saka 1879 ie 22nd march 1957.
Accordingly the reserve bank of India adopted it and passed on order that it is mandatory for all banks and financials organizations to accept as legal cheques bearing dates as per the solar calendar, if the one otherwise legal.
Most of the banks were not serious about this hence in 1974 and 1992, the reserve bank had to issue special direction. and yet the common man is not much aware of the calendar. Why should this happen? ignorance and secondly the main reason for this is want of a watch / clock showing Indian solar calendar system. Now it is a matter of pride, that such a watch has been designed by us. For the promotion and spread of the solar calendar among the people, the chief measure to be adopted is that all financial transactions (the changes to been date as per solar calendar) etc. should be as the national solar calendar . Only then shall the Indian solar calendar shall be established and become current.
Indian Solar calendar is totally dependent on the sun and is more scientific and convenient than the Gregorian calendar being used all over the world. Hence even the foreigners too should adopt it. This watch indicating solar measure and clearly showing the natural events in the sky as per the solar speed also shows the solar month season, tropi-sun's journey path (sun movement) day and other information useful in daily life. It is also useful in construction as per Vastushastra and other useful activities in life.
That the ebb and flow in the areas is because of the moon is well-known. The high tide is there at 12 noon on the full- moon day. Next day is the pratipada, the 1st day after paurnima the high tide is at 12.48 pm noon. Thus as every subsequent day the high tide is put off by 48 minutes. The medical profession ought to take a note of this lunar high and low tide. If a surgery is made at the time of low tide, when the Moon is on the horizon, it is observed the bleeding is less. In the same way, that part of the human body, which is under the influence of a certain zodiac sign, should not be operated upon, if that sign is under the influence of the Moon, at the time of the operation, this has been the expert’s opinion.
It is common knowledge that the high-tide in the ocean is caused by the Moon. At the time of high-tide more oil is consumed in the frying pan and during the low-tide period, less oil is required. This has been the experience of the coastal people. Dr. Edison Andrews has studied about a thousand cases where special efforts were made to stop bleeding while the operation was on and also when operation cause to a close. About 82% cases were marked as operation on around the full-moon day. In this report Dr. Edison observed “This information and the conclusion are so concrete that as if like sorcery, we too should perform operation around the day of the new moon or during the dark half of the lunar month. In spite availability of such research and its conclusion, it is ironical that the time-table of the high/low tide should be available only at such places as Mumbai/Chennai that is on the seashore. This is poverty of thought with a view to understanding all these lunar miracles, it is most essential that a clock/watch indicating clearly the date fortnight/Lunar month/ lunar zodiac sign/Lunar/the part of the moon/the quarter position of the moon to designed and manufacture. And today success has been achieved by us in doing this.
Einstein stated in his theory of relativity on finding some shortcoming in Newton’s Theory of Gravitation. They are the theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity. Time and Space supposed to be two separate factors were merged into the Time-Space concept of Einstein. The General Relativity Theory concludes that the gravitational pull of the earth has an effect on the geometry of Time-space. Einstein’s Theory has changed the material form of Physics and it has further reduced the gap between the basic concepts in Indian Philosophy and Physics. In relation to Architecture. In view of the identity of Time and Space; it has been established that the basic concepts on which architectural laws are base, are not opposed to concepts of Physics and other material sciences. It is observed that electro-magnetic effect may be the medium of the influence of architecture. The following observation support this the most important factor in the existence of life on the planet is the magnetic force. The magnetic field of the Earth because of Lunar Day, date, Solar Day undergoes hourly changes. This has been proved on the basis of the observations made at the Greenwich observatory during 41 years from 1916 to 1957. (A Solar and Luni-Solar Variations of the Geometric Field at Greenwich and Avenger) [Observatory Bulletin of Guest Britain 43:273:1962]
It has been proved that the plants take note of the 24 hour rotation of the Sun, the 24.8=25 hour lunar rotation the Lunar Month and especially of basking in the height of the Moon on the full-moon night and other monthly happenings in nature. This information is derived from the paper 98:144:1962. History measurement and Application of Periodic Changes in the Electronic field in Health and Diseases”
Red Corporation, Chicago, New York, Academy of Sciences.
The world-known Psychologist Dr. Karl Gustov Jung observes “Astrology has been knocking at the doors of Universities” – nay. Because of the recommendation of the UGC the subjects of Vedic Architecture Vastushastra and Astrology have been introduced in many Indian universities since 2001 – 2002 as vedic science.
There is curiosity about this subject even in western universities and some have introduced this subject. a section of astrology is Architecture or Astrology as a part of Architecture study could be a point of debate. But the connecting link between Architecture and Astrology is Time measurement science. This remains indisputable, to put the clock and the Alminac (n§Mm§J) together, is a revolutionary concept and is secured under the Indian Trade-Mark, Design, Patent and Copy-right Act in our name.

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