New Developments in Traditional Vastu

Technical Session – VI  

Chaired by Er. Sunil Dhabuwala
Theme: New Developments in Traditional Vastu

Ar. Sanjay Mahashabde in his presentation on Space, Time and Architecture explained about AuspiWatch which relates to Hindu Calendar and changes according to solar system.

Mr. Vinod P. Dhar, Ozone presented his discretion on furniture in Vastu stressing upon size, colour, shape and its suitability for various age and sex group.

Mr. Y. N. Maggirwar, Aurangabad stressed upon misconcepts in vastu and explained them in detail giving examples.

Er. C. V. Kand stressed upon Nature as inspiration in Vastu Shastra and the environment be maintained by the user taking maximum benefits of force of Nature.

Mr. Krupesh Chouhan presented his research paper on case study of Sachin ode at Surat. He explained the residents satisfaction through Vastu balanced housing.